Payso eMpower

Empower is a cash payment solution for B2B and B2C space with focus on Hyperlocal, On Demand services, Logistic and E-com. There are lot of problems faced by this player while completing the COD to merchant payout cycle.

Since 70% of transaction are still cash on delivery most of the delivery boys end up carrying good amount of cash during the day and the current practice followed to deploy the cash has risk, is not efficient and is not scalable as well.

Why Payso eMpower

Drawbacks of Current process

  • Collection effort costs 10-15% of delivery boy or TL time. Delivery Reps physically collect cash/checks/counts. Same activity is repeated at hub or head office again.
  • Cash handling costs of 1.0-2.5% – Collection, cleansing, shrinkage, counterfeits, delays, bank charges etc.
  • Logistics risk and theft problems.
  • No real time monitoring possible of how much cash got collected and deposited.
  • Vulnerable, not scalable and difficult to optimize the resources to fullest.
  • Payment to merchant is done on weekly or fortnightly basis and Merchant is not able to do reconcile his books easily and has to depend on manual monitoring of the same.
  • Affects time, reconciliation and throughput efficiency, denting productivity.

Benefits of eMpower

  • Largest PAN India network of retail touch points through partnership with large private sector banks and network service providers
  • Deposit can be made even in non-banking hours at non-bank branch locations available for cash deposit.
  • Lower cash management cost.
  • Real time confirmation of cash deposits to both depositor and merchant.
  • Easy reconciliation of cash collection done across the Network.
  • Shorter settlement cycle of T+2.

Empower addresses most of the above issues, is scalable, efficient, cheaper, transparent and has better controls. It will not only help to save the cost but will also support real time cash flow monitoring and easy reconciliation, enhance productivity of delivery boy and account staff and better control from risk perspective

How It Works

Cash Burial Process

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